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If you want to become a qualified electrician, your objective should be to obtain a JIB/ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) Gold Card. GCSEs grade D … I created this website to be a helpful resource of "jargon free" information for people who want to train as electricians in the U.K. © 2014-2020 After completing technical courses that teach you the theory of electrical skills, you will be moved onto the practical assessments in a workplace environment. This recognises you as a fully qualified and competent installation electrician. £20 Accommodation available If you have the ability to decipher technical blueprints then that is an added plus. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Wow okay, that’s about it. Many employers and certain competent person scheme providers prefer to see an NVQ over other qualifications. These National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are nationally recognised and based on National Occupational Standards. These training centres are a great way for older applicants or people unable to find an apprenticeship, to end their work in the industry. Getting someone to take you on as an apprentice can be hard, so you’d be well advised to ask around your local electricians to see if someone would be willing to take you on as an apprentice. United Kingdom. However, an installer does not need to be a member of a CPS, he or she may notify their local council directly of a notifiable event or may ask a Competent Person to check and certify their work. Part P of the Building Regulations sets out that all electrical installation work in a domestic dwelling must conform to current Wiring Regulations and can only be undertaken by a Competent Person. Trying to understand the range of electrician qualifications and awards available can be quite daunting. Qualifications needed to become an electrician in the UK have been a bit of a minefield over the last few years with upheaval in the qualification system has led to much confusion for people wanting to become electricians. In England, apprenticeship funding is available for all ages. But Ads help to keep this website online! Anyone applying for a JIB/ECS Gold Card as an Installation Electrician for the first time will be expected to hold the following electrician qualifications: • An Electrotechnical NVQ at Level 3 or Mature Candidate Assessment Qualification • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations • AM2 – Achievement Measure Test Qualifications Frameworks in Ireland and the UK. Any such works that fall under the scope of Part P must be notified to Local Building Control. Once working you can decide if you want to complete the NVQ and gain gold card status. It also gives you flexibility in the future, because if you would ever want to progress further in your knowledge this qualification would enable you to only do the courses that you need to do, and not re-do level I and II again. Electrical Apprenticeships. He is doing a degree apprenticeship in London with Schneider Electric to become an electrical engineer. 2 UK QUALIFICATIONS Contents PAGE List of abbreviations 10 Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland Introduction 14 The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) 16 Existing student? They have been designed in conjunction with the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) to measure the competence of operatives in the highway electrical sector. This qualification will allow you to sign of your work (new installation work only) and as such, this is the minimum you will need in order to work as an electrician on your own. Past exam papers, tips and tricks to pass your electrical exams, and more. Part of our Bitesize world of work series. Helpful guides about electrical courses and qualifications. Options Skills is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It normally takes two to four years to become fully qualified. This person is usually self-employed as their own electrical business and will be a member of a CPS. Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by ziggy1979, 11 Oct 2007 ... asked me whether there is any way in which he can get UK certification for both electrics and plumbing. Learners will complete the Diploma’s and then start working in industry as an improver, more commonly known as an electricians mate. Once you’ve successfully completed the AM2 you would be awarded your NVQ diploma, congratulations you are now a qualified electrician! Electrician Alternative titles for this job include Electrical fitter, electrical technician, installation electrician. Level 3 NVQ diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems & Equipment (Buildings, Structure and the Environment) 4. This usually takes place via the installers Competent Persons Scheme Provider. Increasingly Scheme Providers wish to see that their members have a minimum of two years trading history. Contact Central Support on 0121 638 0966, Options Skills Birmingham The Jubilee Centre 130 Pershore St Birmingham West Midlands B5 6ND, Options Skills Manchester No you don’t have to. In addition to NVQ Level 3 and as a prerequisite for applying for an ECS Gold Card it is expected that an AM2 Test is undertaken. Electrical engineers can hold various types of jobs in communications, automotive, and medical companies. Following introduction of Part P Building Regulations, Competent Persons Schemes were set up to allow Domestic Electrical Installers to notify Local Building Control of electrical installations that fall under Part P Building Regulations. Let me introduce myself, my name is Robert. Competent Persons Schemes exist for Domestic Electrical Installers so that they can notify their local building control/ local authority of any works that fall under Part P of The Building Regulations, these are known as notifiable events. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. Electrical qualifications. ECS issues a variety of cards to people within the industry that verifies an individual’s qualifications and experience. If you are seeking employment with your electrical qualifications, we recommend you complete the NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course. A National Vocational Qualification that is recognised and accepted by the Electrotechnical Industry as the standard to which all electricians must achieve. This is great, as this is as far as most people would want to go and it would allow them to start earning an income without faffing about on pointless courses that they would never need. It is the same thing but ECS Card is the correct and current terminology. In this article, Steven Devine sheds some light on the qualifications (past … If you're a practising electrician, you must comply with the regulations for electrical work, this qualification is designed to provide those seeking progression in their career with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to carry out job roles and responsibilities associated with the Electrotechnical industry. Professional qualifications in the United Kingdom are titles or awards granted by professional bodies. Further Education Colleges across the UK offer electrical installation courses. In this article I shall try to explain in a clear and concise manner what qualifications you need to be able to start actual work as an electrician in the home environment, and which courses will allow you to gain the skills needed to achieve these qualifications. Here we will discuss the three main routes to becoming electricians for people with no previous experience. But if you have plans to work in industrial, commercial and domestic then there are more qualifications you will need to attain. - C&G 2391-50 Level 3 Award in Initial Verification of Electrical Installations. 68 Grosvenor Street Another way of demonstrating that electrical work is compliant with Part P is either: 1. having the work checked and certified by a local authority or a private sector app… You will often hear the ECS Gold Card referred to as a JIB card. Below are list of my qualifications. The AM2 is an independent assessment of skills and knowledge. Issued to qualified electricians that have successfully achieved an Electrotechnical NVQ Level 3 and have passed the independent AM2 assessment. JIB work closely with ECS. NVQ awards for the Electrotechnical Industry are currently offered by EAL and City and Guilds. But hopefully I have helped to explain a bit more about the ways of becoming an electrician in the UK. A person that works predominantly single phase, domestic electrical installations. An apprenticeship is the preferred route into the electrical industry. A notifiable event is any electrical installation that falls under Part P of Building Regulations. If you are unable to find yourself a work placement, all over the age of 25 and haven’t got 2 to 4 years to learn a new trade then you would be well advised to take a level II and level III diploma course at a local training centre. Not all electrical works that are undertaken are classed as a Notifiable Event under Part P, i.e. This is often the precursor to interview and employment. Electrical qualifications. We understand intrusive Ads can be annoying. ... JIB, CORGI will accept equivalent qualifications. They will teach you the practical skills needed in mock work environments, as well as all of the theory you will need to start work as an electrician. If you're looking to become a qualified electrician, it's highly important that you have the right qualifications in order to meet the industry's strict safety standards. Before you get to this level you need to have GCE’s (General Certificate Of Education) which ought to include Mathematics, English or Science at C or above. Good luck with that! Once you’ve completed your portfolio you will move on to something called “achievement measure number two” (AM2). While you may already have some practical knowledge of working on electrical installations, it remains vital that you validate your abilities and knowledge by gaining the correct qualifications needed to progress in your career. Note: Notification is not the same as Self Certification. M1 7EW, Options Skills LondonFairbairn Close,Purley,CR8 2EJ, Options Skills London Unit 3 Abercorn Commercial Centre Manor Farm Rd Alperton, Wembley HA0 1AN. C&G 2346 / 2356 Mature Candidate NVQ Level 3 Electrical. To make matters worse, there are old websites in the public domain that have not been updated for many years contain out-of-date information. You’ll earn while you learn and train to industry standards, building your skills and knowledge over time. This will be your final assessment where you will need to complete tasks that the assessor gives you, this will take place in an assessment centre with exam  like conditions. This demonstrates to would be employers an individual’s qualifications and competence. After you get through the basics you can then move on to advanced apprenticeship. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. For adult learners many want to get their foot in the door by completing a Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in electrical installation. In order for a Domestic Electrical Installer to be able to ‘self-certify’ a notifiable event he must be a member of an CPS/ Competent Persons Scheme. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What to expect at an electrical training centre. 1. Each assessment will build up a portfolio of work that is called evidence, for example install a phase 3 board or a metal conduit. //

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